Enter a world full of shadows and magic!

Somewhere between here and there, fact and fiction, never and always, exists a place full of wondrous creatures, arcane magic and whispering shadows.

Everything is possible here, nothing is improbable. It’s a place where every dream can come true – but also every nightmare.

Welcome to the City of Scars!

„The City of Scars“ is a project by artist and illustrator Poul Dohle and author Dane Rahlmeyer – a travel guide through a crazy, wonderful and terrifying world full of magic and darkness. Follow us and discover all its wonders and horrors. You’ll find book-collecting dragons, wild air pirates, stubborn sootlings, were-people and other oddities … if you dare!

The project is available exclusively on Patreon. For a small monthly fee, you can become part of the City of Scars – every week its inhabitants and sights are presented in pictures and words. You can also unlock sketches, videos and even music.

Want to find out more? Then click here and get a small preview of the peculiarities that await you here as a free PDF download!